Catcher regarding the Rye Sections 18 – 19 Conclusion

Since the Section 18 opens up, Holden try making the newest skating rink from the Radio Urban area. Just after having a devastating time which have Sally, Jane Gallagher was once again toward their brain. Holden desires name Jane or take the girl out dancing. The guy remembers viewing the woman moving once and describes the brand new kid, Al Pike, who was simply moving with her following, as a beneficial “moron.” According to him you to definitely Al Pike is the kind of man you to create just be sure to present every their muscles of the diving out of the brand new large diving panel from inside the a strict bathing suit.

Holden tells us which he expected Jane just after just how she could actually ever moving with instance a huge phony such as for instance Al Pike. Jane advised him one to she considered disappointed getting Al since the guy got an inferiority advanced. Jane’s pity to own Al causes Holden some disgust. He informs us that when a female enjoys a man, she says he has a keen inferiority cutting-edge, however if she will not such as for example one, she says he is conceited. The guy believes you to none of them descriptions provides almost anything to manage with Visalia hookup although a man is a great people.

Holden seems in his phonebook for someone to mention, thus he can have some company into nights.

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