Perhaps the Egyptians liked opals for their positive and you will powerful attributes

Opals are an attractive, novel and you can mystical product from Our mother earth, welcomed during records as Queen away from Treasures. But is indeed there any knowledge to the superstition you to definitely opal will bring bad luck?

Individually, we now have never seen any facts to help with so it faith very, bringing to the point, the solution is a simple ‘No’.

Unfortunately, over the past two centuries opal superstitions have developed from a single source or another, providing which dear Australian gem an adverse reputation. Today, certain in the western world nonetheless incorrectly believe the gems to help you become cursed.

The best opal superstitions

  • Only those produced inside Oct whoever birthstone is an enthusiastic opal is safe to put on her or him
  • Opals are never offered otherwise approved while the a gift
  • In the event that opals are gifted, misfortune is going to be negated of the passing the giver a tiny sum of money to turn it for the a monetary purchase, which means split the newest curse
  • Involvement groups need to never ever include an opal, more brand new bride will begin to feel an effective widow
  • White otherwise milky opals are regarded as jinxed, however, black colored opals are considered extremely lucky
  • Mode opals which have expensive diamonds negates the stone’s capability to mark sadness to the individual just like the expensive diamonds are said for command over the latest opals.

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