Doing work Female and you can Progressive Family unit members Life inside the North Korea

Fyodor Tertitskiy typed in the NK Information: “North Korea cannot score well to the international tips regarding equality and you will people liberties, but there is one area in which they outperforms the west: the brand new DPRK is just one of the partners regions global where females earn significantly more than men normally. Although it try a masculine-dominated area, girls bring in more than 70 percent out-of home income as the of the popularity throughout the unofficial field benefit. [Source: Fyodor Tertitskiy to have NK Development, a portion of the North Korea circle, This new Guardian, ]

Anyone manage rest, expenses the leisure time with regards to family and you can family members

“It’s now often the father whom manages the children since the mother functions all time in an effective field or even the private markets. Aside from works and you will boy-rearing, people must focus on normal ideological sessions in their local organizations. Yet not less than Kim Jong-us, this type of sessions was quicker typical much less energetic compared to this new Kim il-sung many years.

“But life is besides on works and you will politics. Northern Koreans such as for instance theatre, especially Soviet clips, even when video built in the new DPRK keeps a reputation to be humdrum. Identical to every where otherwise all over the world, North Koreans instance going to both, dancing – often outside – and walking.

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