Connor, Laurel and Wes are riding so you’re able to Annalise’s set

Wes, Connor and you may Laurel get to the area and you can simply tell him to avoid

They must drive slow since there try a large group out-of drunk someone going to the bonfire. Wes attempts to phone call Rebecca but this woman is maybe not picking right on up. Connor turns up with scenarios off just what possess occurred so you’re able to their. Wes was certain that Rebecca visited the latest Annalise’s. Wes tells Connor you to definitely Sam slain Lila therefore that is why Rebecca is certainly going more here as the she’s seeking to establish it. Connor believes you to definitely its a tale. Wes says to your to trust him and drive shorter. Laurel was baffled since why would Annalise show Rebecca in the event the she realized Sam try involved. Wes claims that he goes to the police in the event that she did.

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