2. King Victoria (20 Summer 1837 – twenty-two January 1901)

1. King Age II ()

Complete name: Age Alexandra MaryBorn: 21 April 1926 at the 17, Bruton Path, Mayfair, LondonParents: George VI and you will Age Bowes-Lyon (Duke and you may Duchess out of York, later George VI and you may King E)House: WindsorPredecessor: George VIAscended towards throne: 6 February 1952, aged 25 yearsCrowned: dos June 1953 on Westminster AbbeyMarried: Philip Mountbatten (Prince Philip, Duke regarding Edinburgh)Children: Prince Charles (Prince off Wales), Princess Anne (Princess Regal), Prince Andrew (Duke from York) and you may Prince Edward (Earl out of Wessex) Duration of rule: 70 years and you may 214 weeks

Name: Alexandrina VictoriaBorn: twenty-four Can get 1819 from the Kensington Castle, LondonParents: Prince Edward, Duke away from Kent and you may Strathearn and you can Little princess Victoria from Saxe-Coburg-SaalfeldHouse: Ha IVAscended toward throne: 20 Summer 1837, aged 18 yearsCrowned: twenty-eight June 1838 in the Westminster AbbeyMarried: Prince Albert off Saxe-Coburg and you can GothaChildren: Victoria (Little princess Regal), Albert Edward (Prince out of Wales, later Edward VII), Alice, Alfred (Duke out-of Edinburgh), Helena, Louise, Arthur, Leopald, BeatriceSucceeded from the: This lady son, Edward VIILength out of reign: 63 decades, 216 weeks

step three. George III (25 October 1760 – 31 January 1820)

Complete name: George William FrederickBorn: parece Rectangular, LondonParents: Frederick Prince out-of Wales and you may Augusta off Saxe-GothaHouse: HanoverPredecessor: George IIAscended to your throne: twenty-five Oct 1760, aged twenty-two yearsCrowned: twenty-two Sep 1761 in the Westminster AbbeyMarried: Charlotte, daughter out-of Duke away from Mecklenburg-StrelitzChildren: Ten sons and you may half a dozen daughters – George (Prince regarding Wales, afterwards George IV), Frederick (Duke off York), William (Duke off Clarence and you may St Andrews), Charlotte (Princess Regal), Edward (Duke regarding Kent and you may Strathearn), Augusta Sophia, Elizabeth, Ernest Augustus (later on King from Hanover), bridge), Mary (Duchess away from Gloucester), Sophia, eliaSucceeded of the: Their guy, George IVLength off reign: 59 many years, 96 weeks

cuatro. James VI of Scotland and James I regarding The united kingdomt and Ireland (24 July 1567 – twenty-seven February 1625)

Born: 19 Summer 1566 on Edinburgh CastleParents: Henry Stuart, Lord Darnely and you may Mary, King regarding ScotsHouse: Domestic away from StuartPredecessor: Mary, King away from Scots (Scotland), Age I (England and Ireland)Ascended to your throne: parece VI away from Scotland) and 24 February 1603 (due to the fact King of The united kingdomt and Ireland)Crowned: 29 July 1567 in the Chapel of the Holy Impolite, Stirling (due to the fact King James VI) and you can parece I)Married: Anne away from DenmarkChildren: Henry (Prince regarding Wales), Elizabeth, Margaret, Charles (later on Charles I), Robert (Duke regarding Kintyre), Mary, SophiaSucceeded because of the: Their guy, Charles ILength of reign: 57 years, 246 months

5. Henry III (18 Oct 1216 – 16 November 1272)

Known as: Henry regarding WinchesterBorn: step one October 1207 from the Winchester CastleParents: Queen John and you will Isabella from AngoulemeHouse: PlantagenetPredecessor: John, King away from EnglandAscended with the throne: 18 October 1216, old 9 yearsCrowned: twenty-eight Oct 1216 on Gloucester and you will 17 Could possibly get 17 1220 on WestminsterMarried: Eleanor out-of Provence, Child off Raymond BerengerChildren: Edward (later on Edward I), Margaret from England (after Queen off Scots), Beatrice away from The united kingdomt, Edmund Crouchback (Earl from Lancaster and you can Leicester), Katherine of EnglandSucceeded by: His guy, Edward ILength of reign: 56 years, 31 days

six. Edward III (25 January 1327 – 20 Summer 1377)

Labeled as: Edward of WindsorBorn: thirteen November 1312 during the Windsor Castle Mothers: kissbrides.com visit this site Edward II from The united kingdomt and you may Isabella of FranceHouse: PlantagenetPredecessor: Edward IIAscended on the throne: twenty five January 1327, aged 14 yearsCrowned: 30 January 1327 during the Westminster AbbeyMarried: Philippa out-of HainaultChildren: Edward out of Woodstock – the new ‘Black colored Prince’ (Duke out-of Cornwall, Prince regarding Wales, Prince off Aquitaine), Isabella, Joan out of The united kingdomt, Lionel from Antwerp (Duke regarding Clarence), John (Duke away from Lancaster), Edmund (Duke regarding York), , Margaret from England, Thomas off Woodstock (Duke regarding Gloucester, Earl off Buckingham, Earl off Essex)Been successful of the: their grandson, Richard IILength from rule: 50 years, 147 months

7. William We of Scotland (9 December 1165 – 4 December 1214)

Known as: William new LionBorn: c.1143 Moms and dads: Henry regarding Scotland and you may Ada de Warenne Home: House out-of Dunkeld Predecessor: Malcolm IVAscended towards the throne: nine December 1165Crowned: twenty four December 1165Married: Ermengarde de- BeaumontChildren: Margaret regarding Scotland, Isabella regarding Scotland, Alexander (later on Alexander II), Marjorie Succeeded from the: his kid, Alexander IILength of leadership: forty-eight years, 360 days

8= Llywelyn of Gwynedd (1194 otherwise 1195 – 11 April 1240)

Called: Llywelyn abdominal Iorwerth, Llywelyn the fresh new GreatBorn: c. 1173, DolwyddelanParents: Iorwerth Drwyndwn and you will Marared ferch MadogHouse: House away from Gwynedd Predecessor: Gwenwynwyn ab OwainAscended into the throne: 1216Married: Joan, Females off WalesChildren: Dafydd ap Llywelyn, Gruffydd ap Llywelyn, Elen ferch Llywelyn, Gwladus Ddu, Marared ferch Llywelyn, Gwenllian ferch Llywelyn, Angharad ferch Llywelyn, Susanna ferch Llywelyn Succeeded of the: Their guy, Dafydd ap Llywelyn (Gwynedd) and Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn (Powys Wenwynwyn) Duration of reign: 44-46 many years

8= Elizabeth We (17 November 1558 – twenty four February 1603)

Also known as: The new Virgin King, Gloriana otherwise A good Queen BessBorn: eight Sep 1533 during the Greenwich Castle Parents: Henry VIII and you may Anne BoleynHouse: TudorPredecessor: Mary I and you will PhilipAscended towards throne: 17 November 1558, old twenty five years Crowned: 15 January 1559 at Westminster AbbeyMarried: Never ever marriedChildren: NoneSucceeded by the: the lady third relative, James VI off ScotlandLength out-of rule: forty two age, 127 weeks

10. King David II out of Scotland (seven June 1329 – twenty two March 1371)

Born: 5 February 1324 during the Dunfermline Castle, FifeParents: Robert We of Scotland and you can E de BurghHouse out of: House of BrucePredecessor: Robert I of ScotlandAscended with the throne: seven June 1329, aged five years Crowned: twenty four November 1331 at the SconeMarried: Joan from England (married 17 July 1328; widowed 14 August 1362); Margaret Drummond (hitched 20 February 1364; divorced 20 February 1369) Children: NoneSucceeded because of the: their faraway nephew, Robert IILength out-of reign: 41 age, 260 months

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